I’d like to start this review off with a big “thank you” to RHA for loaning me the MA750i, CL750, and CL1 for review.

The RHA MA750i is RHA’s remote version of the MA750, the two of which are the RHA products that I see talked about the most, and I can see why these are so popular. Now, as these do have an Apple-compatible remote control, they are intended for use with a smartphone, and I will therefore be judging them being powered by my iPhone 6S. With an impedance of 16 ohms, and a sensitivity of 100 db/mW, it certainly can be powered well by my iPhone.

Included in the box are, of course, the IEMs themselves, 6 different single-flange silicone tips, 2 sizes of double flange, 2 different foam tips, all presented in a metal card, a branded clothing clip, and a very nice carry case, which has a pocket and 3 straps in it. The case is a little too large to pocket nicely, but it feels very high quality. As far as tips go, I settled on the single flange silicones, as I usually do.

These feel decently build. The housing itself is made of stainless steel, and feels plenty sturdy. I do take a bit of issue with the cable, however. While the cable does feel plenty sturdy, it is attached. At the price of 130USD (though it does go on sale frequently, including now), this would ordinarily be a deal breaker for me, but with RHA’s legendary customer service and warranty, I can get past that. It does also have memory wire, and it is the kind of memory wire where it just wants to stay in one shape, much like the Tennmak Pro’s memory wire. That’s ok though, as I do not mind this type of memory wire as much. The cable is a little bit microphonic, though not to the degree where it is very annoying. If you just turn the volume up a little bit, you’ll drown out most of the microphonic. Still, this issue could be fixed simply by the cable being removable.

These are very comfortable. The housing itself is very small and round, and does not put any pressure on any part of my ear. Why aren’t more IEMs this shape? This is a great shape for IEMs. The comfort is the best of any IEM I have used in this price bracket, tying with the CL750, which is literally the same size and shape. RHA has a winner for comfort.

The bass is gently elevated, but does not take away from any other part of the spectrum. It hits nicely, but not quite a “thump.” This bass is certainly cleaner sounding. The midrange also sounds relatively clean. The lower midrange is a little higher than the upper midrange, but the upper midrange still sounds quite nice. Vocals sound rich and full, due to the lower midrange tilt. Instruments also sound nice and clean. The treble is where things get interesting, though. The treble as a whole is a bit recessed, but there is a clear peak, or maybe two, somewhere in the treble. This can lead to this IEM sounding bright sometimes, if there is a lot going on at the peak, which can sound a bit off, as though it is due to a slight resonance in the housing. I am not sure if it is a resonance or not, but there is something slightly off about the treble peak. Still, despite this issue with the treble, it does not take away from the experience too much, and I still enjoy these IEMs greatly. All in all, I enjoy the sound of these IEMs.

The RHA MA750i is a pretty solid IEM for the price. I enjoy it.



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